Katrina Wasn't The Problem

It Was The Levees






Katrina Went To The East Of New Orleans

New Orleans Had Winds Of 80 MPH

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Katrina Pushed Water Into Lake Pontchartrain

Katrina's track headed right for Lake Pontchartrain, a 40-mile-wide shallow reservoir whose waters are already above the city.






New Orleans Sits Between The Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain





To Fix It Would Be Minor, Just Needing Some Cement and a Metal Brace

Wall Mysteriously Broke







This Disaster Was Sheer Incompetence Or Worse

New Orleans, a city of 480,000 people, sits between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, and the problem is that it is below water level, and needs dikes to protect it.

When Katrina hit, the winds were down to just a little over 100 miles per hour (Category Three), so this wasn't the monster described. The storm passed through with minor damage, but the storm surge from the Gulf, caused Lake Pontchartrain to rise three feet.












Hurricane Damage

There was minimal damage, such as windows blown out, but nothing major.








Levees Break

As the storm surge rose, somehow a levee gave way.

Here are videos: ~  # 1 , # 2 #3, # 4 that show what really happened.

Katrina hit on Sunday, it was a day later, the levees broke in three places -- along the Industrial Canal, the 17th Street Canal, and the London Street Canal. (Map where levees' broke) 


There were explosions heard, but officials say they were transformers blowing up. There were Israeli contractors involved in police shootouts.









Total Incompetence



Louisiana Governor Calls For Prayer Vigil

Blanco, a token feminist, and a silly gadfly, sat out the storm in her comfortable mansion in Baton Rouge. She seems blind to Louisana organized crime, especially the Zionist gambling interests. She spends a good part of her time traveling, on 'State Business'.









Chertoff And Brown Were In Charge

As blacks were starving, without food and water, sometimes for six days, they took to looting. FEMA, which could have quickly airlifted supplies in to help, did nothing for days.

'Shoot to Kill'

FEMA is run by Brown nee (Bronski), under Chertoff, whose great accomplishment was sending down armed troops with orders - " Shoot to Kill".








Michael Parker Said "Bush Cut Funds"

Michael Parker, revealed that The Army Corps. of Engineers needed $62.5 million to fix the levee, but Bush only approved $10.5 million. 

Interesting Video of local officials' reaction to FEMA.








Reporters Stir Up Blacks

Geraldo Rivera nee (Jerold Rivers), and Alan Colmes, as well as other TV reporters, made sure the world saw the injustice against the blacks in New Orleans.









Who Is Going To Benefit?



Large Developers Swarm Like Locust

The Taubmans, Tischman, Shorensteins, etc, see this is a golden opportunity. Most of New Orleans was low-income sub-standard housing for blacks.

Zionist real estate magnate vermin will be buying hand over fist at ridiculously low prices.









Bush Will Supply Federal Aid

These developers will turn New Orleans into the hottest real estate project in the US, using government grants. New Orleans, and its surrounding area, will turn into another Las Vegas, but with Old World charm.








Crime Families Will Battle It Out

You have the Russian mob represented by the Fainbergs vs the American group run out of Miami by Alvin Malnik.

Riverboat Gambling

The Mob, run by the likes of Alvin Malnik, nee (Malinkski) will have a field day remaking New Orleans into the next Las Vegas.









Foreigners to replace blacks

The Coming Look of New Orleans

The New Orleans rebuilding commission designs ordinances that reduces Blacks, pushes parks, promotes up scale neighborhoods, and cultural epiphyses, but no fried chicken joints.

The truth is the city will house the white employees of the casinos.

Mickey Arison, the head of Carnival Cruise lines, is mentioned as a pioneer of the rebirth of New Orleans, with his wealth of foreign workers.

The new face of N.O. will be Philippine, and Asian,  for the service jobs, and white for the casino jobs.








Is Sabotage A Possibility?

When you factor in the magnitude of the incompetence, it really isn't out of the realm of possibility. All the levees required were simple fixes. The gross negligence of the rescue effort, and it's five day delay, will surely prevent the return of most of the blacks.

No doubt there will be some tenement housing built in surrounding areas, for blacks to resettle in, and the real estate developers will offer them pennies for their New Orleans' property.






Marines Suspect Mossad In Ambushes

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