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US Cities being Destroyed by
Fossil Fuel Industries

Baltimore has such an obvious potential destiny that it amazes me that anyone living here would conceive of it as just a place where overlords oversee the domestic enslaved population.

We start with a subway underneath Charles Street, from Pratt to Johns Hopkins. Hopefully the construction of the subway and the subway itself will emit very little carbon.


President and Pratt Streets should not be a parking lot for SUVs. It should be a major subway interchange.

Charles Street should close off one automobile lane from Pratt to Madison streets. this lane will service bicycles and pedestrians.

Imagine if there were foot traffic on Charles street! imagine the shops, galleries and cafes that would flourish. imagine if US cities around this country could increase their foot-traffic and socialization.

don't tell me that Baltimore has to remain a two-lane expressway for the suburban drivers. They shouldn't be driving cars into the city in the first place.

Folks, we need to utilize the efficiencies that are possible with urban development. We should not allow the carbon-emitting parasites to turn our cities into extensions of suburban sprawl.

my favorite new attraction is the Super Fresh on Charles and Saratoga streets. Let's make sure the new development is cheesy and corporate! That's what the Coup wants. Cancerous development like that should be resisted if Baltimore is to continue to exist.

Scott Loughrey

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