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Letter to the Sun:
Stop Funding Israel

In his recent commentary (the Sun, 06/15/03), G. Jefferson Price III blames the 36-year conflict in Palestine on the “extremists” he finds from both sides. Price also tells us that George Bush has just “become engaged” in resolving the situation, after having publicly expressed the viewpoint that the Israelis and Palestinians should “be left to their own devices.”

Unfortunately, the US is no neutral spectator. The US contributes $3 billion annually to Israel, with loan guarantees that may double the value of this assistance. While this is happening the US is also running a $300 billion deficit, the largest in history.

Let’s stop funding Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinians. Thirty-six years of this unrelenting madness is long enough to know that our economic assistance is doing more harm than good.

Scott Loughrey

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