Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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The No-Planes Hoax Theory (7/2004)

My theoretical participation with 911 Truth is largely focused on advocating what many call the No Planes Theory. I got started on this subject when I was in a discussion group that included the invaluable Web Fairy. She was discussing some of the stranger visual oddities with the video documentation of Flight 175 striking the South Tower. We were discussing how the visual anomalies were possible when I was gripped with a new possibility; i.e., that the news networks aired fake video to tens of millions of people.

A few years back Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) broke a news story about CIA PsyOps personnel infiltrating CNN. (PsyOps means Psychological Operations.) That the attack on the WTC was a PsyOps operation is most obvious when viewing the video of "Flight 175" silently entering the South Tower without any pieces breaking off. Apparently it is more difficult to put on a small glove then it is to fly a Boeing 767 into a steel building at an estimated 450 mph. From 9/11 we know that when large planes impact steel buildings at high speed no pieces of the wings or fuselage breaks off, there are no impact sounds and no part of the fuselage will turn into metallic confetti.

To cut to the chase I believe the perpetrators of 9/11 faked both plane impacts with the WTC. Bombs were planted in both the North and South Towers that were detonated to resemble the damage left from banking planes entering. After the North Tower bombs went off millions of people around the country turned their TVs on to watch the subsequent fire burn. Thirteen minutes later the perpetrators fired disguised missiles at the South Tower in broad daylight. Then the bombs went off in it.

The crucial point to realize is that there are two audiences for what happens to the South Tower. The people who are watching the event live potentially see the missiles. However, the ones watching their TVs see an animated plane that is (imperfectly) combined with the footage of the bombs going off in the South Tower. (By the way, many witnesses have been uncovered who support the premise just offered; one in particular is certain he saw two missiles striking the South Tower.)

This is obviously a bizarre, even Orwellian premise. Its chief weakness is obviously the sizeable live audience. How could the perpetrators keep them silent?

They would require the full and absolute cooperation of the US mainstream media. Initially, this media must prevent members of the live audience from having their stories recounted to the general public. This means that fraudulent witnesses would have to have been standing by prior to 9/11 just waiting for infiltrated reporters and news editors to recount their fictional view of events for the consumption of the world.

It is well established that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/01 there was a storm of news stories which established the foundation for many of the fictional elements of 9/11; e.g., that a Boeing 767 really hit the Pentagon. The propaganda barrage continued for months. Finally, other news stories emerged and 9/11 was taken off the front page. As time passed it appeared rather obvious that whenever an uncomfortable truth about 9/11 might emerge there was some new media event that would prevent the first story from getting out. Some of these media events appear quite manufactured, as if the CIA is playing a direct role in controlling what becomes the news of the day.

The No Planes Theory is the ultimate Psychological Operation because of the pressures and hurdles that eyewitnesses face if they step forward. Eyewitnesses to the missiles and the bombs in the Twin Towers will be poorly regarded by TV network executives who understand that a world-wide audience is already certain that it has witnessed planes striking the WTC on television. Many of the people who watched Flight 175 strike the South Tower ad nauseum on TV have such strong recollections of it that they would never entertain the suggestion that they were deceived. Even if an eyewitness that came forward could be heard by a large audience a theory about missiles striking the South Tower would be the subject of ridicule. In such a climate the temptation for the eyewitnesses to conform their recollections with those of the masses would be overwhelming.

The No Planes Hoax theory has been recently and fiercely debated among the 911 Truth Movement. I'd like to encourage everyone to visit and consider my theory that the TV networks altered the video of 9/11. I believe that following this intellectual path will help you understand more fully the depths to which September 11 was the ultimate PsyOp campaign.

Scott Loughrey

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