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Lessons from the
Nick Berg Execution Video

The Race is On! At the same time the Internet was buzzing with people exposing as fraudulent the Nick Berg execution video the Bush Regime gave those paying attention a stern warning. It is quite plain that the Bush Regime and Ariel Sharon (BRAS) are planning to sponsor another major catastrophe in the US to remain in power. I date myself by revealing that when I was very young I knew of no one who doubted that the United States was a great nation worthy of praise and support.

However, to meet the challenge of the BRAS sponsoring another 911 (or smaller versions of it) there are thankfully large numbers of activists who have figured out how to fight back. When the Abu Ghraib prison scandal broke out, the photographs of US military personnel torturing Iraqi prisoners was circulated around the world via the Net.

After “Torture-gate” (as many called the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal) was still in the newspapers weeks after the initial release of the photos the mainstream US media broke a new story. This one concerned the radio technology specialist named Nick Berg. His beheading by Islamic terrorists was said to have been captured on video. Because of the immediate suspicion aroused by the curious timing of the terrorists the Berg video was immediately studied very closely by activists around the world.

The payoff from this research is incalculable. Hector Carreon brilliantly discovered several important anomalies with the Berg video. In fact, he argues convincingly that it actually originated from Abu Ghraib prison! Carreon bases his conclusion from the end of it where a US military officer enters the frame briefly, leaving an unmistakable military visor in view. In addition, Carreon identifies someone asking the question ”How will it be done?”. (That’s pretty good English for Islamic fanatics.)

Others discovered the Berg video was uploaded to the Internet from London, not Iraq. Someone else recognized a strange similiarity between the chairs used at Abu Ghraib and the one the victim of the execution sat in. The similarity between the Islamic terrorists and white, fat US military guys was noted. As was the lack of blood that accompanies a beheading. The curious pattern of the evolving timestamps seems to clinch the argument. Some people have compiled lists of anomalies with the video.

Because of the large amounts of empirical evidence produced by the activists questioning it the Berg video’s credibility is demolished. This means that it is not likely the Pentagon and their allies in the US military can continue to try to use the Nick Berg video for propaganda purposes.

This is an amazing achievement. It is a far cry from just three years ago when the unbelievably cruel September 11, 2001 hoax was foisted upon the world. That Psy-Ops campaign, now widely understood to have been an inside job sponsored by the US and Israel, remains the Achilles Heel for the BRAS. There is a veritable gold mine of information that can be released to the general public about 911 which debunks the official propaganda of that day. Since much of what the BRAS have constructed since then depends on public acceptance of the Official Story of 911, it remains the best issue for democracy activists to invest their time with. The only question is whether the 911 Truth Movement can continue to build sufficiently before the BRAS initiate another 911 (or smaller versions of it).

Stop marching with "War is Not the Answer" signs, anti-war activists. It is time for everyone to spread the world that 911 was a hoax and the Bush Regime and Ariel Sharon sponsored it. This is the only way to stop them from sponsoring another day of infamy and then declaring martial law afterwards.

Scott Loughrey

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("However, Fayoumi suspected the whole episode was 'an American propaganda to divert attention from the scandal of the U.S. military abuse of Iraqi detainees'".)

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