Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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Commentary from 2003

Two Protests for Human Rights (12/2003)
Activism needed when Fascism comes to town (11/03)
A Review of 911 Theory (10/03)
Critical Mass (9/26/03) - The Concept of Extinction
Letter to the Sun: Don't Praise Israeli Democracy (09/28/03)
Letter to the Sun: NIST Should Examine Physical 911 Evidence (09/26/03)
Letter to Democracy Now about their 911 coverage (09/2003)
The "no planes in New York" theory of 911
Letter to the Sun:
Ariel Sharon is no peacemaker (8/10/03)
Why did World Trade Center 7 Collapse? (8/1/03)
Support Lord Voldemort! (7/3/03)
Let's stop funding Israel's Occupation of Palestine
Baltimore's Ottobar cancels ISM benefit
The Inner Harbor, MD Police State (June, 2003)
How did the World Trade Center Buildings Collapse? (2003)
The Washington Post and George Orwell
Activists March to DC to protest the War Budget
Mysteries of 911
Letter to Judge Motz about Iraq War (3/2003)
31 Anti-war Activists Arrested in Baltimore
Activists March to DC to protest the War Budget

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