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New Orleans was
Deliberately Flooded

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On June 5, 2005 Fox TV aired Oil Storm, a pseudo-documentary. Call it a "predict-umentary", it predicts Hurricane Katrina (which made its second landfall on August 29). Oil Storm appears to be exhibit A that the US government has the capacity to induce hurricanes. They must have done so to deliberately flood New Orleans.

A seawall had been under construction by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It blew up after Katrina had hit (and was under the control of the levees). From this mystery explosion, New Orleans was flooded. (Remember, a seawall is not a levee. The description that any of the levees failed New Orleans is a complete lie.)


25 questions about the murder of New Orleans.

Mass murder by drowning - the unexplained crack in several feet of concrete

Painful Questions (Rense)


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