Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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Letter to
Amy Goodman (5/2004)

Dear Amy:

People are saying that for programming reasons you cancelled today's (5/21/04) appearance of author David Ray Griffin. (Griffin wrote "The New Pearl Harbor". Also, you rescheduled it for next Wednesday--5/26/04). I am writing to ask that you please do have Mr. Griffin appear Wednesday for an interview that is as lengthy as recent ones given to Richard Clarke, Sibel Edwards or Lance & Miniter.

"The New Pearl Harbor" (TNPH) is highly significant to anti-war activists. (By the way, it is a compilation of other's people research. I have some slight preferences for other guests.) TNPH has been effective in generating a respectable audience. For example, it is has been recommended in national Green Party press releases:

What Griffin has to say is the most important subject of conversation that can be mentioned by the news media. He questions the unscientific (and plainly absurd) official story regarding 911. He's doing this at a time when the US government is openly stating its intentions to sponsor another act (or acts) of terrorism similar to the previous one:

So far, every guest on your show (Democracy Now!) has discussed 911 from the perspective of negligence. (That is, NORAD simply failed to intercept the hijacked planes.) You have so far not allowed anyone to discuss some of the more blatant anomalies regarding the 911 official story. (World Trade Center 7, for example.)

Today (5/21/04) you had on Phil Berg (Ellen Marianiís lawyer), Ellen Mariani and Gore Vidal. While all three did hint of deep involvement by the Bush Regime in 911, none elaborated why with any detail. A calm theologian, Griffin is capable of doing so effectively.

Activists all around the country have been pleading with you to have a 911 skeptic like Griffin (or Eric Hufschmid, my choice) appear. Your reluctant acceptance to host Griffin was met with significant enthusiasm:

Please have Griffin appear very shortly. The anti-war movement needs this one badly.


Scott Loughrey

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