Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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The Anti-War Movement Needs
a Lemonade Stand (7/2004)

Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. This nugget of wisdom comes to mind when considering that on March 16, 2003, 15 million people demonstrated around the world to declare their opposition to the invasion of Iraq. Yet everywhere I observe members of the anti-war movement no one is discussing that reality. Do we need an Einstein to tell us that our tactics are not working?

We have marched in very public demonstrations for nearly four years. Innumerable hours and resources have been spent in the process. Meanwhile, these demonstrations have done little to slow the Bush Regime down. Since the Regime was installed in a judicial coup d'etat the Left has lost a great deal of ground--and continues to do so. Yet, there is a course of action that the anti-war movement can take which has yielded impressive results so far. Adopting 911 Truth into its message could be the answer.

An Example

As this is being written an obviously fake "Saddam Hussein" is on trial in Iraq. My reasons for stating this openly is that only a selected few journalists have been allowed to have any access to this Hussein since his “capture”. Some more reasons for suspicion are reports that when Saddam's wife visited the prisoner she claimed the man was not her husband. In addition, the photograph of Saddam being captured in February showed a date tree in the background in full bloom. (The date tree photographed does not ripen during winter.) And, the loss of station was the maximum: We were told a disoriented, feeble man captured from his hole (that required another man to assist with his entry/exit) with at least a seven-month beard was the former Butcher of Baghdad. And, international news reports indicate that the real Saddam was killed by a bunker buster bomb last April (4/7/2003) in southwest Baghdad. Witnesses confirmed seeing Saddam being carted off in a stretcher looking like he was in very bad shape. Finally, this former leader of Iraq is known to have employed many doubles, a perfect individual to impersonate.

Anti-war activists should stand up and demand that the "Saddam Hussein" who is on trial be evaluated by international observers not affiliated with the Empire. That is because the Saddam Hussein trial hoax is the latest of a sequence of propaganda (a.k.a., PsyOps) campaigns that did not begin with the events which took place on 9/11/01. Along the same group of this sequence of PsyOps campaigns certainly included the Nick Berg execution video hoax. This was another action by "Al Qaeda" which benefitted the US and Israel, as they always do.

A Plan of Attack

It's the Propaganda, Stupid! If the anti-war movement would only attack the means that the Bush Regime remains in control it could finally succeed. The meeting of the anti-war movement with 911 Truth promises to resemble the union of lemons and water, creating exquisite, refreshingly cool lemonade.

Too bad Albert Einstein isn’t alive today to show the anti-war movement how to do it. Then again, maybe we don’t need a genius to convince people who are seemingly working for their survival to attack the Bush Regime where they are most vulnerable.

Scott Loughrey

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