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Support Lord Voldemort

As many already know, the latest Harry Potter book is out. (Part V, the Order of the Phoenix.) I'm betraying nothing by saying that once again, Lord Voldemort's plans for complete domination of the wizard population are thwarted by young Harry Potter, along with his allies. A character also dies. Good.

There are two more Harry Potter books coming out before the series is expected to conclude. Many are hoping for Lord Voldemort to ultimately prevail.

It won't be long before Lord Voldemort wins. He is the strongest by far. Death Eaters and Dementors are standing by to follow his commands.

Lord Voldemort offers the wizard community order and efficiency. With control of Hogwartz and the Ministry of Magic many superfluous positions can be removed. In addition, Lord Voldemort's inevitable rule promises to free the wizards to employ Black Magic against the hapless Muggles.

Please support Lord Voldemort's efforts to unify the wizard community. Thank you.

Scott Loughrey
Baltimore Greens for Lord Voldemort

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