Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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Letter to Democracy Now about 911

It is programs like the one you aired today (9/23/03) that make many people question your commitment to progressive ideals. Today you have on two guests, Peter Lance and Richard Miniter, ostensibly to " debate" each other. Both Lance and Miniter believe that the US has had an adversarial relationship with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda going back since the early 1990s. Both believe that OBL and Al Qaeda were responsible for September 11, 2001. Both reiterate the Official Story in claiming that intelligence failures resulted the 911 attacks. Their only differences are the extent that blame should be cast on the current President-select and his predecessors.

When you limit debate to such a narrow spectrum of thought on such a vital issue you are doing your audience a tremendous disservice. Democracy Now is actually promoting most of the key elements of the propaganda campaign concerning September 11th despite the innumerable logical problems with it. DN's failure to ask even elementary questions about what happened that day makes it more difficult for progressive news media sources to reach activists to get them to think independently and critically about this subject.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky's reporting on the real links between the US and OBL/Al Qaeda is far more credible than what Lance and Miniter are offering. I recommend Chossudovsky's book, "War and Globalization". It documents the ties between the US and OBL/Al Qaeda. He argues convincingly that OBL/Al Qaeda both function as intelligence assets for US governmental elites. He also argues what many of us private 911 investigators believe is obvious; namely that September 11th was both a hoax and a con sponsored by the US government, with horrific results. To order his book click here.

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To close, Democracy Now's audience is being harmed by your refusal to air the viewpoints of any 911 skeptic (like Professor Chossudovsky) so far. Instead, you air two mouthpieces for the lunatic story of a man in a cave armed with a cell phone, a dialysis machine and boxcutter-wielding, suicidal hijackers who can't fly Cessnas and don't show up in any airport security video but nevertheless successfully commit the most infamous acts of terrorism in human history. Your audience deserves much more than to be exposed to this shallow propaganda.

Scott Loughrey

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