Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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In a recent issue of Counterpunch Norman Soloman writes that “for 30 months, 9/11 was a huge political blessing for George W. Bush. This week, the media halo fell off. Within the space of a few days, culminating with his testimony to the Sept. 11 commission Wednesday afternoon, former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke did serious damage to a public-relations scam that the White House has been running for two and a half years (3/29/04, Counterpunch).

Soloman is calling the service that Richard Clarke is providing the Bush Regime “serious damage”. He also claims that some kind of “media halo” has fallen off the Bush Regime about 9-11. It is amazing how indoctrinated Soloman’s viewpoint is. What’s totally mind-blowing is that Soloman used to be a very astute media critic in the 1980s. I’ve spent hours reading his work with great interest.

Counterpunch, as many know, is edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. I used to read Alexander Cockburn’s writing with tremendous enthusiasm. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article if it wasn’t for his influence. I recall how formidable he was when responding to reader letters in the Nation. He always had the upper hand when debating the traitorous, arch-fiend Christopher Hitchens. Indeed, Cockburn used to wield his mighty pen as skillfully as Cassius Clay employed his left jab.

St. Clair is no slouch either, having a deft touch on the subjects of the environment and history. However, Counterpunch is definitely part of the problem the Resistance Movement is struggling against. There is no dissent permitted (anymore) on Counterpunch on the subject of 9-11. Norman Soloman’s Orwellian comment that a subject which has received NO SCRUTINY by the media is tarnishing the Bush Regime is toxic radiation. This kind of news-speak is what we might expect from an alternative daily in a totalitarian culture.

It wouldn’t matter what Cockburn, St. Clair and Soloman thought if they didn’t have huge audiences, the kind with some disposable income and who demonstrate at anti-war marches. They’re blocking crucial dialogue from reaching the anti-war community about 9-11. The term Left Gatekeepers is surely applicable here. By constantly promoting the Bush Regime’s version of what happened on 9/11/01, Counterpunch is sucker-punching the anti-war movement.

Don’t trust me; go ahead and verify for yourself that 9-11 was a hoax. Find out why Muslims can’t violate the laws of physics. The Penta-Lawn 2000 cannot be purchased in stores. The World Trade Center buildings were controlled demolitions. Indeed, WTC 7’s collapse is as suspicious as they come.

Contrary to what Soloman insists the truth about the events of September 11, 2001 has not been discussed by the media. The Left Gatekeepers are to blame for this. When the next “attack” takes place, hopefully Counterpunch will rake in more lucre for their service to the Bush Regime.

Scott Loughrey

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