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Letter to Baltimore City Paper about
the Baltimore Anti-War Coalition

In a recent column, Michael Anft ( CP, Media Circus, 1/30-2/5/2002) points out that "very few news organizations have questioned why the White House's definition of 'terrorist' is incredibly broad yet hasn't been elastic enough to include allies that either act as terrorists within their borders, such as Israel, or others who harbor anti-American exports, such as Egypt." Indeed, not only has the mainstream media failed to point that out but so too they haven't mentioned that the US harbors alleged terrorists on its own (e.g., Haiti's Emmanuel Constant) as well as people wanted by international courts of law (e.g., Henry Kissinger, who was nearly subpoenaed by France last year).

Anft mentions the activists who have been petitioning Maryland Public Television to air programming (such as "The Good War", about conscientious objectors during WWII) which inspires public participation and debate. However, Anft refers to them as "Baltimore anti-war types", which both denies them a name and a sense of purpose. The protest that he is referring to was put on by the Baltimore Anti-War Coalition. I'm a member. In addition to the MPT demonstration, we marched during the Martin Luther King parade, and we will be demonstrating on February 20 at 5:00 p.m. on the 28th street bridge over the JFX.

The Baltimore Anti-War Coalition opposes terrorism and supports international law. I am personally participating with the group out of revulsion over the continued bombing of Afghanistan that has now caused more civilian deaths than perished with 911. In addition, I'm strongly opposed to the saber rattling from the Bush administration and threats of more militarism to come (even against states that have no connection with 911). I also believe the upcoming military buildup (to $400 billion annually) to be a form of social suicide and a great peril to the world. To close, people interested in learning more about the BAWC can meet us on the 28th street bridge on 2/20/2002, or contact Max Obuszewski (410-323-7200; for further information.

Scott Loughrey

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