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Review of William Blum's Killing Hope

From Common Courage Press comes another astonishing book that indicts powerful interests. This is William Blum's "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" (1995). It is an exhaustive, well-organized inspection of more than fifty five foreign interventions conducted by the US this century.

In this fact-filled tome, Blum documents America's hidden, quasi-fascist agenda since defeating Hitler. In short, the Cold War was largely a fiction from the western media. Our mainstream press (read: Sunpapers) have been and still are perpetuating a lie--that the US was not the aggressor in its conflicts against "communism". This myth has immiserated tens of thousands of innocent people across almost every country on the globe.

Killing Hope contains much incriminating information that somehow never made it to our history textbooks. This includes:

In 1918 an invasion force of 13,000 American troops were sent to the newly-born USSR to disrupt the on-going Bolshevik Revolution. To the Soviet people and their leaders, their actions marked a period "of endless killing, of looting and raping...not to be forgotten for many generations (Prof. Fleming)."

The Cold War possibly began when Greece was forced by first Britain, and later the US, to restore to power the corrupt monarchists, quislings and conservatives who hampered Greek resistance to Nazi rule. With its puppet government in place the US abetted its secret police in implementing widespread, systematic torture.

From the early 1950s to the mid-1960s the Army and the CIA conducted numerous experiments with biological agents within the US. Specifically, in 1955, there is "compelling evidence that the CIA released whooping-cough bacteria into the open air in Florida, followed by an extremely sharp increase in the incidence of the disease in the state that year. The following year, another toxic substance was disseminated in the streets and tunnels of New York City (Blum)."

The Korean war may have actually been started not by the North, but when South Korea invaded Haeju. Thus, the "police action" that ultimately cost 5.7 million US lives was premised on a lie. Also, while the US-led forces were carpet-bombing the North Korean countryside the South was committing many atrocities against people accused of being "communists" who were nothing of the sort.

During the Gulf Massacre "allied" (read US) tanks buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive; bombs destroyed two operational nuclear reactors which released chemical fallout and toxic vapors; depleted uranium (DU) that was used in rockets and missiles left tons of radioactive rubble; a single bombing of an air raid shelter killed as many as 1,500 Iraqi civilians; thousands more civilians were killed openly in broad daylight or while clearly fleeing; Iraqi soldiers were killed while in full retreat; and from the first US assault until September, 1994, about 400,000 Iraqi children perished from war-induced malnutrition and disease.

Space forbids me from repeating more. If interested readers want to know what really happened in say, Central America, choose not the holocaustic Sun, but rather William Blum's Killing Hope.

Scott Loughrey

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