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Chickenshits at the Sun

“Hot diggity dog!” That’s the Baltimore Sun (11/13/20) responding editorially to the news that the Baltimore City Council was considering a resolution opposing Bush’s planned attack and invasion of Iraq. Despite the Sun’s opposition to it, the City Council eventually passed the resolution. At this writing at least 22 city councils nationwide have done the same thing.

I attended the City Council hearing the first night the matter was discussed. About thirty to forty people were there to articulate their opposition to the war. (No one was in favor of it.) The people who testified mentioned how more than a decade of economic sanctions have decimated Iraq’s civilian population. They mentioned that the same sanctions persist today despite the Geneva Conventions outlawing collective punishment. There were references to how Bush’s invasion will be a clear and major violation of the UN Charter and international law generally. There were people talking about the effects of the US using depleted uranium extensively in the last Gulf war. There were people who expressed the idea that war should be a last resort, and not a first. There were also people pointing out that the upcoming war will likely plunge the Middle East into turmoil and chaos; it could even start World War III.

Naturally, the chickenshits at the Sun failed to cover the hearing that they were afraid people would attend.

In a similar vein, recently I mentioned in the Baltimore Chronicle how they panic when progressive commentary is posted on their message board. Recently I re-registered and posted a link to a Voices in the Wilderness press release discussing the “Justice” Department’s levying of $50,000 of fines on them for giving assistance and succor to Iraq’s beleaguered children. As if this were Communist China, the Sun commissars swiftly removed my post and banned me (again) without explanation. They’re doing this every time I return to progressive commentary there.

Want to send a message to the Sun’s writers and terrified editors that you prefer to read progressive commentary? Want to really scare them? If so, join me in posting links and excerpts of commentary from,, and other similar sources on their message board. Don’t violate copyright laws. However, do have fun frightening the Sun chickenshits.

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