Come on folks, no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

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911 and the Society of the Spectacle

Imagine that elite policy makers of a foreign country conceived of a monstrous plan that included a movie within a movie. The cast of the larger movie is comprised of a large collection of carefully chosen intelligence assets who pose as journalists. For decades these actors build up a huge following and earn enormous admiration from the educated masses by fearlessly breaking crucial stories and serving up cutting-edge commentary.

Note the policy makers have not just simply infiltrated the establishment media. They have actually created a phony opposition to it as well. News stories are planted that test whether the progressive public can figure out that the alternative media it relies upon is a charade. After the progressive community fails each test the policy planners conclude that the world is ready for the most spectacular hoax ever perpetuated on television.

Does this resemble Guy Debord’s Society and the Spectacle? On September 11, 2001, millions of people around the US, hearing that a pilot had crashed his plane into the World Trade Center, turned on their TVs and saw black smoke leaving a gaping hole in the North Tower. As the cameras lingered over the scene many people wondered “where is the plane?” Seventeen minutes later (09:03 a.m.) the monstrous illusion of a commercial jet was shown on TV striking the South Tower. Fifty-six minutes later (09:59 a.m.) the South Tower suspiciously collapsed in its footprint. Twenty-nine minutes afterwards (10:28 a.m.) the North Tower also mysteriously collapsed.

Throughout the day of 9/11/01 the news media repeatedly showed video clips of “Flight 175” striking the South Tower to a horrified public. Then the video imagery disappeared from the nation’s airwaves. It has seldom been aired since.

That’s because this 911 video was fake. There were no commercial jets which crashed into the World Trade Center. The planners who conceived of 911 knew that jet fuel (i.e., refined kerosene) could not possibly melt the steel towers—and certainly couldn’t deform the steel to cause it to collapse in the path of most resistance; i.e., straight down. Yet, they also needed a large television audience to SEE these planes striking the towers before the towers demolished. This would indoctrinate the general public into believing that the planes caused the destruction of the towers. Because 911 also included a fictional attack on the Pentagon, a shoot-down of a civilian aircraft (UA 93), phony cell phone calls from heroic passengers and another tall steel building (WTC 7) suddenly collapsing in its footprint this was too much information for most people to handle. Millions of people (still) want to believe the ludicrous official story of 911 so badly that they are willing to accept whatever scientific and logical contradictions are necessary to do so.

The bogus “opposition media” plays a crucial component in this indoctrination. While 9/11 is still fresh in the minds of many it is child’s play to keep prominent researchers from the citizen’s truth movement from being heard. (After all, many of these figures are also infiltrators who deliberately come off as whack jobs to discredit the movement.) In addition, the phony opposition media has little difficulty encouraging activists to protest in large numbers as was done in the 1960s and 1970s. Thus, the masses are misled into dissipating its enormous energy on large public protests that accomplish very little and actually reinforce the phony opposition media so crucial to the Coup’s plans. The activists who claim that exposing 911 is not relevant as protesting the awful events which followed it are actually reinforcing the matrix that binds us all.

Flight 175

(Thanks Webfairy)

Close your eyes and imagine a largely aluminum plane striking a steel building at 450 mph. Imagine the noise the impact makes. Watch the wings break off. Then see the fuselage crumple and quickly become a shower of metallic confetti.

Recall that in the video that was screened on 9/11 there are no pieces of Flight 175 breaking off when impacting the South Tower. The fuselage somehow remains intact. In addition, no one records any impact sound. Also, there are eyewitnesses in New York City who to this day insist that no commercial jet struck the South Tower. They are being ignored.

Flight 11

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The only known video clip of “Flight 11” striking the North Tower was filmed by the Naudet Brothers, who claim to have been coincidentally videotaping a documentary about a torpid firefighter named Tony at the same time.

Jules Naudet is credited with the sensational pan left which tracked Flight 11 as it struck the North Tower. The foreground object, a large building, is largely in focus as the camera rapidly pans left. The World Trade Center, seen in extreme long shot, is more or less in focus as Flight 11 strikes the North Tower. Only the plane remains out of focus. It makes absolutely no sense that Flight 11 would be out of focus as we see it collide with the North Tower.

While individual frames of this video clip can certainly be blurry Flight 11 should not be blurry as it moves on the screen. This is because it is being projected at 18 frames per second (or more). At this rate the human brain begins to be fooled into thinking that animated objects are actually in motion. Without this capacity for the brain to be fooled there could be no cinema.

Someone else appears to have noticed this discrepancy. This could be why the Power Hour has come out with a new, more optically sensible version of this video clip which tens of millions of people have seen! (It appears in their “director’s cut” version of 911: In Plane Site.)

The anti-war movement is well advised to expose as fraudulent the blurry and buttery planes of 9/11 which were part of the cruelest hoax in cinematic history. It can only become victorious in its struggle when enough people fully comprehend the true nature of the progressive media that is currently admired with great esteem.

Scott Loughrey

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